Toddler Tales Guidelines

Burbank Public Library Welcomes You to
Toddler Time! 

The purpose of Toddler Time is to introduce language and learning to very young children. Babies listen to, observe and imitate the books, songs and activities we share, thus building a love of books as they grow.  Our goal is to create positive interactions between the parent and child in a fun, learning environment.   

Some Guidelines to Keep in Mind 

  • Parent participation is the key to the success of this program. Please join in the activities and show your child it’s fun!

  • Please put toys and food away when possible.

  • If your child is crying loudly or otherwise distracting others, please feel free to step out and “regroup.”

  • RELAX!  It is not expected that your child will sit still and participate in every activity.  Our goal is to have fun with rhymes, songs, books, and other language-building play.

  • Keep in mind that you set the example for your child.  If you don’t give your attention to the storyteller, the children will not sit quietly either.  Remember, there is time to socialize as soon as Toddler Time is over.

  • The program doesn’t end when you go home.  Share the rhymes and activities you’ve learned this morning at bedtime, quiet time or anytime!